Skype又出败笔:3Skypephone [zz]



Skype又出败笔:3Skypephone [zz]

SkyPE在英国移动运营商3推出了3款SkyPE手机, 自称可以免费和SkyPE好友通话, 但是这好事只延续了1周, 此后人民群众发现自己的通信费用并没有下降, 在某些场合, 反而增加了. 这样一来, SkyPE和固话通信时, 每分钟1.6p, 和手机通话时, 每分钟16.6p, 和BT相比, 固话有优势(3.6p), 而移动通话则反而费钱(12.6p).
此外SkyPE在空中线路并没有使用3G数据业务, 而是使用了GSM, 落地以后才使用IP和SkyPE好友通话. 只有好友列表使用了3G的数据业务. 希望Skype能够尽快解决这个问题,这样才能真正冲击传统电信垄断.
抛开这些问题,其实Skype还是比较先进的, (1)他可以获得好友的状态, 这种功能被我们称为"Active PhoneBook", 至今可能也没有部署, 但是Skype则走到了我们的前面. (2) Skype可以和固网的Skype用户通信, 这在传统运营商那里是不可能的 (3) Skype运营了全球性的网络, 用户有2.5亿.

Skype and its UK mobile partner, 3, enjoyed a week of "you can’t pay for publicity like this" as the British press joined the hype around the first mainstream operator to integrate Skype into a traditional handset. Certainly the prospect of free calls to any of Skype’s 250 million subscribers will introduce a new dynamic into the high-margin cellular business. But by week’s end the shine was coming off the announcement as it was revealed that for some users it could actually increase their phone costs , especially to other mobile operators.

Calls to non Skype landlines cost just 1.4p a minute, while calls to mobiles cost 16.6p. In comparison calling a mobile in the traditional way, from a landline, costs between 3.6p and 12.6p with BT. Rob Barnes, mobile expert at comparison firm Moneysuper-market, told the Times on Sunday: "There is a lot of hype around Skype, and while some of it is justified, you could end up paying more in some circumstances."

Also upsetting the purists was the revelation by Marcus Gobell that the mobile calls on the 3Skypephone are basically GSM phone calls. The service will use the GSM network to connect with a sever run by iSkoot, which then carries the call over the fixed line internet to Skype. The data connection is only used to show the presence of the Skype buddies. As Gobell notes the calls from the 3Skypephone aren’t 3G VoIP calls because the 3Skypephone doesn’t do any mobile VoIP, only using Skype in the fixed line part of the call.


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